nanotube - 2009-07-06

Hello all!

Since it appears that the project is a little dead, I have created a fork of the codebase, and hosted the git repository for it on github. Here's the link:

For now, the only thing I've done is commit a fix for the "regsub" module problem

Everyone who's interested and up for it is welcome to drop by the github repo, start his own fork on github, and commit whatever fixes you want - and i'll be sure to merge your things into the trunk.

You are in particular invited to fix any issues from the bug tracker ( ), but any code improvements would probably be a welcome addition to the Pmw user community.

If there's enough interest in this, I'll start sourceforge project for this. For now, you can leave your comments in this thread, or on the comments page on the github wiki for the project, here: