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Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit / News: Recent posts

Pinball at the Florida Linux Show

The new 0.58 version of the PMREK was presented and played at the 2009 Florida Linux Show [] in Kissimmee on Saturday, October 24, 2009. This instance is playing a 1977 Bally Strikes and Spares playfield. The post game analysis [] and a tarball [] containing the parsed log file can be examined.

Posted by jbork 2009-10-28

Version 0.5 to be released 07/16/2009

The long-awaited 0.5 version of PMREK includes schematics for a new interface board that supports control of the digital displays, along with supporting code in the kernel module, a more modular configuration for rapid development of the game control program, and enhanced diagnostics.

Posted by jbork 2009-06-15

PMREK featured in Nov 2005 Linux Journal

The November 2005 issue of Linux Journal features a cover story on "Penguin-Powered Pinball" that introduces the Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit to the Linux community -- see

Posted by jbork 2005-10-04

Source Code Release

A developer version of the PMREK source code has been released (version 0.3). It is intended for pinball enthusiasts and educators with a knowledge of digital electronics, C programming, and Bally AS2518-x pinball machines.

Posted by jbork 2005-06-28

PMREK Debuts At The 'Zoo

Pinheads provided twenty hours of public testing of the first prototype, playing over 150 games on an Evel Knievel playfield mounted in a Mata Hari cabinet at the 6th annual Pinball At The 'Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, on April 15th and 16th.

Posted by jbork 2005-04-18