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Plans for the second release

At this time, the gallery only supports thumbs which have been resized. This is convenient for those who have adobe photoshop and can automate the task of resizing multiple images.

Version two may have a feature which automatically resizes images as the pages load.

Version two will also have:
1. Administrative interface.
2. More images.
3. Paypal and a shopping cart.

Posted by Mark Rairdon 2003-07-14

The First Version

PMKGallery was born out of the need for a personalized photo gallery for

It was placed here because I wanted to share my growing pains for gallery creation with newbies who might wish to undertake such a project.

We tried plugging in all the great galleries out there, but they just didn't have what we needed.

PMK Gallery is not generic. It's specifically for Precious Moments Figurines, and for the time being, that will be the focus of development. If you had other hopes for the project, look at it anyway, there may be some useful code for you.... read more

Posted by Mark Rairdon 2003-07-06