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PMilter to be abandoned; new management needed!

Because of circumstances out of my control, I no longer use Sendmail::PMilter or Mail::Milter, and thus no longer actively maintain it.

If you are a PMilter user and would like to help maintain the project, please let know. Without more help, it's likely that the PMilter project will be at a standstill.

Posted by Todd Vierling 2007-04-27

Mail::Milter 0.07 Released

Here's a long overdue update to Mail::Milter!

0.07 Wed Mar 22 15:45:00 2006 UTC
- added Mail::Milter::Module::AccessDB
- Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDotMX needed a "use Net::DNS"
- improved Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DecodeSRS parsing to understand
Mail::SRS::Guarded munging where the original localpart
already contained an equals (=) character
- added Mail::Milter::Module::SPF
- added Mail::Milter::Module::MailFakeNull
- added Mail::Milter::Module::HeaderValidateMIME
- added method check_superdomains() to
Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDNSBL, allowing use of e.g. blacklist with MAIL FROM:<> addresses

Posted by Todd Vierling 2006-03-22

Mail::Milter 0.06 Released

There hasn't been a release of the Mail::Milter enhancement API in quite a while, so here's a release ripe for Thanksgiving Day with several new features.

To get it, go to the <a href="">download page</a>.


0.06 Thu Nov 25 20:30:00 2004 UTC
- fixed Mail::Milter::Chain where second and subsequent RCPTs
were not being rejected properly
- fixed Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DeferToRCPT where a reject at envfrom
was propagated as-is to further envfroms on the same session
(should be per-envfrom only)
- added Mail::Milter::Module::ConnectASNBL
- added Mail::Milter::Wrapper::DecodeSRS
- fixed parsing of AS_SETs in the AS list returned from the DNSBL
- added Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDotMX

Posted by Todd Vierling 2004-11-25

Sendmail::PMilter 0.94 Released

This long-awaited release fixes some glaring bugs, added several new features, and improved stability a bit. Based on feedback with 0.93 and code leading up to 0.94, I have promoted the "pmilter" project to development status "4 - Beta".

See the full list of changes at the release page,

Posted by Todd Vierling 2004-08-04

Mail::Milter 0.05 Released (important bugfix)

Mail::Milter 0.05 is now available, and fixes a very important bug in the
new MailDomainDNSBL module. It was tempfailing MAIL FROM:<> -- very bad.
Because of this, Mail::Milter 0.04 has been withdrawn from SF and CPAN.


$Id: Changes,v 1.22 2004/04/15 21:11:30 tvierling Exp $

Revision history for Perl extension Mail::Milter.

0.05 Thu Apr 15 19:15:00 2004 UTC
- fixed Mail::Milter::Module::*DNSBL to return a descriptive 451
error on a temporary DNSBL failure
- fixed Mail::Milter::Module::MailDomainDNSBL not to break on <>
sender (would cause a query beginning with a dot)

Posted by Todd Vierling 2004-04-15

Mail::Milter 0.04 Released

Mail::Milter is an object-oriented framework for building "milter" mail
filters for use with Sendmail and some other MTAs. It works as a layer on
top of the Sendmail::Milter or Sendmail::PMilter protocol transport.

0.04 is a major feature update. This release introduces DNSBL support for
connecting hosts and MAIL FROM domains (aka "RHSBLs"), a new module that
rejects many types of forged-virus bounces, and a general regular expression
milter for the HELO string.

Posted by Todd Vierling 2004-04-14

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