#2 Important features, which MUST be icluded.


Would you be so kind to improve the functionality of your program in the following cases:

1) VERY IMPORTANT:let the user access to the properties of the camera. Especially it's needed for cameras with low DEFAULT framerates, wrong white level adjust, brightness, contrast

1.1) LOW RESOLUTIONS WITH RAPID FRAMRATE ARE BETTER in some cases, let it be chosen :)

2) MAke difference between light sources with DIFFERENT COLOURS! At least basic Red, Green, Blue. With possibility to assign different actions for them. (or even different MODES)

3) Make the movements of sliders more smooth. It could be done by means of check box "smooth changes" in INCREMENTAL mode. While it's active, sliders will gain new position with slight (regulated) inertia. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT - music wont be "jumping" fast/

3.1) Interpolate sliders between values to smoothen changes slightly, but faster then "inertially"

4) IMPORTANT: TEMPO GENERATOR NEEDED! While the controller works not ideal, it's needed in some cases (controlled by check box) to generate MIDI events with fixed tempo, and camera used for CHANGING TYPES of events ONLY. Example : drum beats at 120 bpm, 4 regions of videoframe mean "Tom", "Snare", "Crush", "Light Brush". One region would be useful for speeding up for example X2 times (fast drumming interludies) It would be very useful, don't you think?

5) Assign DIFFERENT modes to USER PAINTED regions. Example: 1/4 of frame is incremental and conroles the tone or volume, 1\4 makes kick and so on.

6) Garmonisator, selected note skipper or at least some thing like BIG note list is urgely needed for those who writes notes with your software.

7) Think about simple GESTURES: the direction of movement could have slight influence at MIDI events generated.

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    8) USER PAINTED REGIONS would be very good too (added by INDIGO)

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    9) PITCH WEEL emulator is definitely needed, not in coordinated incremental, but in DELTA mode. For example, as mouse controller, it would be better for PITCH WEEL to register the DIFFERENCES between the old and the new positions of light source and to add (substract) them to (from) the tone of the note.

    9.1) PITCH could be interpolated then back to the "CENTRE" (basic note) after the light source has disappeared.

    10) The sliders could be placed at the sides of the captured frame: X (Z?) at the horisontal, Y (Z?). Also it would be good to draw some cross, aiming at light source and rulers (may be with mumeric markup?) to make sure where the controlled region is.

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    11) LEFT TO RIGHT mirror is needed! Most users have problems with coordinating their movements while the picture is not mirrored - MOST of people are common to look at themselves through a mirror rather then through camera.


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