need some help

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I have found your software very interesting and I am using to generate some sounds through ableton. I really really enjoy your software. But I have try this and if you can help me, that would be really nice.

    I use this softare: wwigo for Nokia phone using as Bluetooth webcam. I try to load up this webcam thing to your software but it will not recognize. Please help me with this. I am making a dance/performance.

    Thanks you very much and hope you are having good time.

    Tri Minh,
    Producer/Electronic Artist
    mob: 0904082664
    add: 671 Hoang Hoa Tham/1606

    • Ben X Tan

      Ben X Tan - 2007-09-10

      Hi Tri Minh,

      I use Ableton Live myself too, its a great program! I had a listen to your songs on your myspace, very cool stuff! Heres mine

      In regards to your problem...its difficult for me to work out whats wrong because I don't have the same software as you. If you use MSN, maybe we can talk on there to see if I can fix the issue. My details are here

      Does the camera appear in the list of cameras in pmidic?



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