Beginning with Pale Moon for Linux 25.6.0, we are now providing updates from our own server at http://linux.palemoon.org.
As a result, we have now removed our releases from SourceForge and will only provide them from our server.

Also as a result, we have removed the (now outdated) wiki from SourceForge. The information from this wiki has been updated and is now available at http://linux.palemoon.org.

You can download future updates, as well as all previous versions of Pale Moon for Linux, the pminstaller, and the PM4Linux Atom builds from our new site.

You can also find release notes, FAQ, and additional information as well.

PM4Linux: http://linux.palemoon.org/

Main Pale Moon site: http://www.palemoon.org/

For support, please visit http://forum.palemoon.org/