Beaker9876 - 2009-03-01


I've compiled the latest version of plus4emu on MacOS 10.5. When I start it, plus4emu crashes with "Bus Error". This happens in resizeWindow, called from Plus4EmuGUI::run, at the Line:

All Versions up to are ok, I get this error first with version 1.2.6.

With another cursor (FL_CURSOR_WAIT) it works. With FL_CURSOR_DEFAULT, resizeWindow crashes when it is called by Plus4EmuGUI::run before mainWindow->show() has been called. Doing it after mainWindow->show() it works too, but you can see the smaller Window for a short time.

So I changed resizeWindow like this:
  if (mainWindow->shown() != 0) {
    if ((displayMode & 1) == 0)

I'm not sure if it's ok and what's the reason for it, but it works.  "Cycle Display Mode" (F9) with cursor changing ist working fine, too. Maybe you can include a fix for this Error in one of the next versions.

My System:
MacOS X 10.5
Macports 1.700 - All the tools (portaudio, scons etc.) are installed via Macports in /opt/local/..., so I had to make some changes to SConstruct.

If you need some more Information, just let me know.