Wanted: keyboards shortcuts + few small issues

  • Olivier Keshavjee


    After using the thing a bit, I find it would be useful to have keyboard shortcuts for such actions as:

    • deleting a scene/chapter (Del when focus in Outline pannel)
    • editing an item's name (F2 when focus in outline pannel)
    • moving/opening the next/previous chapter ([CTRL+]Page Up/Down when focus in text editor, or synopsis or note)
    • moving to next/previous opened tab (CTRL+TAB)
    • ...


    • there are textfields resizing issues. The text area (synopsis or note) is not 100% width, or there is a too large right margin. This is usually fixed by closing/reopening the specific scene, so there must be something missing in the resizing event that is there on the tab creating event.

    • I would find it more intuitive if in order to open a scene/chapter, you simply have to click it, not double-click it. Especially in "without tab mode". That way, the highlighted item in the projet outline is always the opened one.

    • And finally, whatever the style I chose (in settings > Plume creator style), I'm not able to get a proper Qt looking default style, though I'm running a KDE desktop.

    Thanks for the good work!

    Last edit: Olivier Keshavjee 2012-11-01
  • Cyril Jacquet

    Cyril Jacquet - 2012-11-03

    Hi Olivier,

    All shortcuts are not implemented yet. I added your suggestions in my to-do list.

    Also :
    - Text resizing issue : known problem, but low priority. I lost a lot of time already trying to fix this.
    - Open with single click : with your mouse click behavior, how do we grab / drop (or rename) a scene without always opening it ? Yet, I agree fully for adding a way, a "marker", to know which scene is opened and which one is displayed right now.
    - Styles : I don't know how the Qt style behaves with KDE. My preferred style is Plastique.

    Cyril Jacquet

  • Olivier Keshavjee


    Open with single click:

    • If you open on the click event, I think you can still drag/drop without triggering the click
    • right click can open the popup menu without opening the item
    • and an option could be that when you mouseover an item, it gets selected and you can then rename/delete using keyboard shortcuts


    KDE uses the Oxygen styles. You can using it Qt quite easily (cf. for example: http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/35098-Setting-oxygen-style-on-Qt-applications) It would make Plume Creator much more appealling to KDE users :)


    Last edit: Olivier Keshavjee 2012-11-03


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