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  • Anonymous - 2012-04-24

    Dear Cyril,

    I have verified that your program can be extracted to a single folder, with no other apparent specific system dependencies (at least on my Windows XP Pro SP3), although it saves its settings at the system registry (see below).

    I'm making a request that a future release be able to run portably, i.e., saving those settings in a file inside the application folder -- thus allowing it for running from USB drives in computers that grant the user limited privileges, like cybercafes, for instance.

    Thanks for all your work.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    "size"="@Size(1284 750)"
    "pos"="@Point(0 0)"
    "size"="@Size(1280 750)"
    "pos"="@Point(-4 -4)"
    "lastModified"="ter 24. Abr 15:59:25 2012"
    "creationDate"="ter 24. Abr 15:47:40 2012"
    • Cyril Jacquet

      Cyril Jacquet - 2012-04-25

      Dear "Anonymous",

      It's a nice idea and I have already added yours in my "to do" list. I know Plume uses the Windows Registry for now.

      One problem is : if you are running Plume from an USB key, the "project manager" will have to point in the Plume folder itself, else each project path will be wrong and we will have to add manually our projects each time Plume is launched from a new computer. Even the USB key drive letter can be different and F:\project will become G:\project .

      So, I add a checkable option "portability" to the current program. If checked, I have two choices :

      1. Make Plume copy the projects in the same folder as Plume-Creator.exe . In this case, the project manager will be usable but we will be unable to move a project.

      2. Deactivate the project manager and opening our projects will be done in the Plume menu with an "Open" button each time you want to open a project.

      Of course, our settings will be copied next to Plume-Creator.exe .

      What are your thoughts ? Personaly, I have no preference.

      Cyril Jacquet

  • Folding Home

    Folding Home - 2012-04-25

    There's a way (I'm not adept at this) to make the drive letter in Windows variable depending on the program location. I'd probably have it save all settings to the application directory and set the project manager to the \project folder.

    I'm not a dev, but if you post to the portablefreeware forum where your program is getting discussed, there are likely a few folks who can help with the path portability issue:


    Thanks for entertaining the idea of portability and for working on free software.

  • Anonymous - 2012-05-13

    "Anonymous" here... :)

    Sorry to have taken so long answering. Regarding the issue of Project Manager path location, my choice would be not to reduce the program functionality, so I would go with option 1.; IMHO is that this should be made optional and placed at the user discretion. Of course, the default for a portable installation would be more sensibly located at a Projects sub-folder inside Plume install folder. But system variables should be accepted too (like %USERPROFILE% or %APPDATA%), in order to allow for the use of locations such as a Dropbox local folder, 'My Documents' location or even the current system desktop.

    Some preliminary reading I collected on the subject of 'path portability':



    Midas (@ www.portablefreeware.com)

  • chu baka

    chu baka - 2012-07-27

    Just for inspiration, I think you might wanna look at this. http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php?show=features

    I've also checked out "Storyboard". I'll download that soon to analyze its features. :D

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-11

    Wow, I just installed this on a little bit ago on Linux Mint 13 32-bit and it is been so helpful. The full screen option is very nice looking (Did run into the exiting full screen not saving issue but I saw in the forum you have noted it and our working on a fix)

    My feature request is Optional typewriter sounds on keyclick I have A.d.d and find myself distacted with writing programs like MS Word or libreOffice I have used Textroom and Q10 both of which have typewriter sound they tend to help me stay focused on task and not zoning out. In any case regardless whether or not you decide to add this feature or not. Thank you for working on this app looking forward to future releases. Brice

    • Cyril Jacquet

      Cyril Jacquet - 2012-11-29

      Hi Brice,

      Thanks for trying Plume.

      I released today the 0.55 wich fixes the fullscreen-no-saving problem.

      Typewriter sounds ? It can be fun to code. It will certainly be added in 2-3 releases. Can you guide me to a good typewriter sound ? Free of rights of course.

      Cyril Jacquet

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-29

    Hi Cyril, thanks for responding that sounds like it will be very cool. I Browsed the web and the best I could find is on https://github.com/gottcode/focuswriter/tree/master/resources/sounds
    it is a GPL program called Focus writer and it uses the same typing sounds another GPL program called Textroom uses.

    The sounds are for generic anykey and enter sound both are in wav format one is 98.3kB and the other 47.6kB unfortunately both programs do not have a backspace key sound Program Q10 does have a backspace sound but he ripped his from a movie and it's not under GPL license. I don't really have a better suggestion other then picking up a old typewriter at a yard sale/thrift store/antique and recording them yourself using audacity for post processing. Anyway I hope this help a little thanks for taking the time to consider my suggestion. Brice

    • Cyril Jacquet

      Cyril Jacquet - 2012-11-29

      Thanks, I'm keeping your link preciously for when I code this !

  • weedfreak

    weedfreak - 2012-12-12

    One feature that I would like to see is a timeline.

    Dates, and/or times from attendance manager, notes and synopsis are displayed on a graphic showing the characters and dates/times. For some writers this format would have to be very open allowing dates that are not 'normal' earth dates and times that are not restricted to 24 hour days.

  • Anonymous - 2012-12-16

    I have trying this out on Linux Mint 13. It looks very neat.

    I like to plan my drafts in a mind-map, and then finalize my work in LyX. So I would really like to see two features added, namely:
    1. Ability to import an outline from FreeMind mindmap (.mm) format; and
    2. Export to LaTeX (.tex) format.

    Do you think that you might be able to include these features in a future release?

    • Cyril Jacquet

      Cyril Jacquet - 2012-12-17


      I know next to nothing of the Latex format and I'm not using it. If a developer is willing to do it, he can. I'll be happy to add his work to mine. Meanwhile, you can export to html and import it in Lyx.

      Same for the FreeMind / FreePlane import feature. Moreover, here, I don't know what to do with the multiple levels when Plume is restricted to only 3 levels.
      I thought of it a lot as I am using FreePlane. Maybe you are using it only for the story map. I have one branch for that, and a branch for wild ideas, another for characters... FreePlane organization is too free...

      Cyril Jacquet

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        Anonymous - 2014-03-01

        Dear Cyril,

        First! Thank you for a wonderful software. I'm eagerly looking forward to the text file storage.

        Regarding mindmaps, I was wondering if you could store files from other applications in directories, and link that to text in Plume.

        I use Zim-wiki for compiling project work, and when I need a mindmap, I simply open an attachment folder and create a mindmap file there. I can link this file to some text in Zim, so I can access it wen I need it.

        I tend to use VYM mindmapper for mapping plots etc. WIll be useful if Plume allows me to store this within the folder structure for textfiles when you roll that out.

        Thanks for all your great work.

  • Anonymous - 2012-12-24

    Hi and thanks for the fine app (Linux community would do much better if it concantrates on such apps).

    1. The inclusion of screenplay (Hollywood) style would be a fine convenience if it's easy to implement. LibreOffice has such a template and does a good job of it, but why not Plume has it as well if it's easy for you.

    2. PDF export.

    • Cyril Jacquet

      Cyril Jacquet - 2012-12-24


      Screenplay : You could use the styles. I need more details as I have in mind the theater screenplays.

      PDF export : there is already one.

      Joyeux Noël !
      Cyril Jacquet

      • Anonymous - 2012-12-24

        I only see html/odt/txt exports.

        Theater screenplay style is a brilliant idea too.

        As for the movie script template you can see here (guessed I've installed from this page): http://9timezones.com/scr2.htm

        Joyeux Noël!
        Tablet Hater

        • Cyril Jacquet

          Cyril Jacquet - 2012-12-24

          Sorry, I mistook pdf with odt. I don't know how we can create pdf's. You can use Libreoffice.

        • Anonymous - 2012-12-24

          Here's another Libre template (newer, but not an A4 one yet): http://www.hadipiter.com/LibOScreenplay.htm

  • Anonymous - 2012-12-24

    All right, thanks.

  • Marek

    Marek - 2013-02-12

    Firstly, congratulations on what looks like a great application. I've only installed it this evening (KUbuntu 12.10, 64bit) and it appears excellent. The core functionality and the tools you have available are great. Thanks for your work, it's great to have Linux-native applications of this calibre available.

    It might seem a bit soon to be making feature requests but I figured I might as well send them in! I have a few, based on what I've seen messing about the program this evening. (Is there a roadmap for the project somewhere? I don't want to annoying by asking for things you're already planning.)

    1) A word target and progress bar for the session. This is something I've used before in Scrivener and find it very useful. You have the word count available at the moment in the Tools/Stats pane, which is great, but there's something about seeing the progress bar move up and word count approach the session target that is very motivating and helpful (if it were even possible for the progress bar to change colour from red to orange to green the way the Scrivener one does even better, but just to have the bar would be great).

    2) Change the key binding for notes in fullscreen view so that F10 switches fullscreen on and off, rather than switching fullscreen on and then activating the notes pane. It's a bit counter-intuitive.

    3) In fullscreen mode, the "typewriter" style positioning, so that the text is always more or less in the centre of the screen. Another feature from Scrivener - I appreciate you probably don't want to slavishly copy Scrivener. I'm just identifying these as features I like - no expectation that you'll follow through with them!

    Just for some balance, some things I think you do better than Scrivener - the ability to see notes and synopsis in fullscreen mode is very good. The accessibility of the styles menu and the simplicity of its use is also great. I like the attendance manager too (though switching it on and off seems to mess with the synopsis and notes panes badly when they are all docked).

    Anyway, thanks for a great app.

    Last edit: Cyril Jacquet 2013-02-15
  • Cyril Jacquet

    Cyril Jacquet - 2013-02-15

    Hello Marek,

    Thank you for this interesting post !

    I'm building a web site for Plume where you will find a little roadmap. Franckly, I must define precisely where Plume goes. I warn you, it will not be a clone of Scrivener.

    1) I quickly coded a crude progress bar this night. I hope it's what you want ! Feel free to suggest upgrades.

    2) As you can see in the "tickets" section. I modified the key bindings to be more consistent.

    3)I don't know Scrivener. Never really tried. So I don't know what you mean by the "typewriter" style positioning. Plume centers the text verticaly when it's possiple. Can you create a ticket where you explain in great detail what you means ? Thank you.

    The next release of Plume will come this week-end (16-17 february) with quite a few bug fixes and your progress bar.

    Cyril Jacquet

  • Marek

    Marek - 2013-02-16

    That's great! I look forward to it.

    Just to be clear, I don't think you should try to be a clone of Scrivener, it's just that Scrivener is my only comparison for similar software (and from what I can tell is the major commercial player in this field - maybe there are others?).

    I'll have a look at the new release properly before I add another ticket. When I said in 3) above about "typewriter" positioning I do mean vertical centring. This would be so you don't always end up just typing on the bottom edge of the screen, but rather are always typing in the centre of the screen, with the text moving up with each line so that the "action", as it were, stays in the same place. 0.58 doesn't seem to do this but I haven't tested fully, so I don't want to add a ticket for it just yet. I'll definitely be hanging around though, really nice software. Will add a ticket or two once I've been able to make myself familiar with it properly.

  • Cyril Jacquet

    Cyril Jacquet - 2013-02-16

    Hello Marek,
    I implemented a beginning of what you mean. For you to see it, go to the and of your text and fill half of the text view of return lines, then continue at the end of your text.
    You remind me that my work on this idea was unfinished.
    So, please create a ticket ! :)

  • Marek

    Marek - 2013-02-17

    Ah - I see. Yes that's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Excellent! I'll add a ticket just as a reminder for you to finish it off ;-)

    The progress bar looks good! I'll suggest a couple of upgrades in a ticket too...

  • Anonymous - 2013-02-19

    Is there any intention of including a spell checker and thesaurus?

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