EasyShell Plugin 1.4.1 released!

Easy Shell 1.4.1 Release Note

by anb0s at 2013-04-01


  • fixed: Mac OS X defaults are wrong (Thanks to Mark Phippard)
  • fixed: [] bug: need to escape spaces when invoking nautilus
  • ATTENTION: added new option "string tokenizer" and set it to Yes.
    Your self defined presets with usage of quotes may not work anymore.
    Please change this option to No or read how to fix:
  • used solution from Mark Phippard
  • the whole command line string will be splitted (tokenized) to single strings
    before expansion of parameters {0} - {4} and passing to command line
  • with this solution there is no need to surround parameters {0} - {4} with
    quotes when space character is possible between command line option and parameter,
    e.g.: /D {1}
  • otherwise maybe quotes are still needed, e.g.: --working-directory="{1}"
  • PLEASE check your presets with debug output (error console)!
  • changed: removed not needed quotes from all presets, because "string tokenizer" enabled
  • changed: Run command for "Windows Console / Explorer"
  • changed: Explore command for "Windows DOS-Shell / TotalCommander"

Tested with Windows 7 x64 (Cmd, PowerShell 1.0, Cygwin-bash, Console 2.0, TotalCommander 8.01)
and Linux (KDE / Kubuntu 12.04, Gnome / Ubuntu 12.04)


a) Extract zip file to "eclipse\dropin" folder and restart.
b) Use update site: http://pluginbox.sourceforge.net

Posted by Andre Bossert 2013-04-01 Labels: v1.4.1

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