#11 Problems with KDE preset values

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I had a few problems with the preset defaults for a KDE environment, so I played around a bit and have found the following values to work nicely:

open: konsole --workdir {1}
- The --noclose option is not required when executing an interactive shell.

run: konsole --workdir {1} --noclose -e {2}
- konsole looks for the -e executable in the previous current dir, not in the --workdir
- alternatively, this behaves a bit differently when it cannot run the file: konsole --workdir {1} --noclose -e $SHELL -c ./{3}

explore: dolphin --select {2}
- Dolphin is the default KDE file browser now - some KDE distros (e.g. Kubuntu) do not even install Konqueror by default any more.
- The --select option is the same for Konqueror too.

and finally
select: {2}
- the newline at the end automatically executes your command when you paste it into a shell - this may just be personal preference, though.

I hope this helps anyone else who has similar problems.
Thanks for an essential extension!


  • Andre Bossert

    Andre Bossert - 2012-03-01

    Thank You for sharing this with other users! I will change the preset or add new one for v1.3.x release. For next major version 1.4 /2.0 the presets are more flexible and can be updated independet of core plugin or expopted / imported via XML.

  • Andre Bossert

    Andre Bossert - 2012-05-03

    Fixed in trunk.

    The old preset is still ok for old distros, so i've added the new one "KDE Konsole / Dolphin" with your solution and made it default it KDE was detected.

    The select command is still the old one "select: {2}{5}", because for multiple selections, new line is needed to separate the lines, e.g. to paste and execute it in console or only to paste it to text file / editor.

    Thank You!

  • Andre Bossert

    Andre Bossert - 2012-05-03

    Fixed in v1.3.6


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