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New Version 1.0.0 (Release Candidate)

New Version contains support for different file system encodings, separate handling of STDOUT and STDERR and internal performance improvements - a simple folder listing is now faster by factor 2 to 5.

Check it out.

Posted by Carsten Czarski 2011-01-30

Version 0.9 released

Version 0.9 released for testing +++ New pipelined functions GET_FILE_LIST (better performance) +++ "Complex" shell commands are now supported +++ SQL Developer extensions

Posted by Carsten Czarski 2010-02-08

Oracle PL/SQL executing OS Commands: Version 0.6 released

This is a set of PLSQL packages for the Oracle database which provide access to the OS shell and the file system from SQL and PL/SQL. The packages provide operations on file handles (delete, create, move, copy) as well as the execution of shell commands.

Support for working directories,environment variables and operating system specific information added.

Posted by Carsten Czarski 2008-11-10

Version 0.5.1 with documentation released

fixed two bugs which prevented code to be compiled in Oracle10g; documentation (generated with pldoc) added

Posted by Carsten Czarski 2008-03-26

version 0.5 released

new features for file operations (like copy, rename, write lob to, read lob from, create, mkdir, delete)

Posted by Carsten Czarski 2008-03-10

version 0.2 released

did some rearrange of functions and made the functionality to execute more complete

Posted by Carsten Czarski 2008-01-18

Initial version (0.1) released

Version 0.1 is the initial version of the OS_COMMAND package. The project homepage ( contains additional information, documentation and usage examples.

Posted by Carsten Czarski 2008-01-18

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