Toby Zines - 2007-02-08

Hi, this is the thread for indicating any issues you have with 0.4.9.

This is a minor release providing support for jdbc uploading of pkg files and header generation for wrapped plsql style package bodies, along with several bug fixes.

There are still a few header generation issues that I will sort out in the next release.
I foresee at least one more minor release before any groundbreaking functionality, however after that I am hoping to integrate the db-db project into this project (to introduce single stack debugging to the plsqleditor).

!!! Please Note !!!
Unfortunately, it appears that the update site capability may still be being blocked by sourceforge. I thought I had fixed it in the previous release, but I don't know now...
I am looking into another way of supporting this. Until then, you may need to download the file (to do a local update) or the main zip file (to do the standard unzipping technique).
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