Configure fails with kdb2html

  • ivanoff

    ivanoff - 2004-10-16

    Hi everyone
    I am using a gentoo distrib with KDE 3.3 and it complains when I run configure.
    I got the following message:

    checking for kdb2html... not found
    configure: error: The important program kdb2html was not found!
    Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.

    it seems this command is no longer in kde.

    What can I do?

    • Reuben Thomas

      Reuben Thomas - 2004-10-16

      Sorry about this, I'm not sure there is much you can do (other than port the code to KDE 3). This code has rotted.

      To give a bit of background, I'm the last active maintainer (that I know of!) and I have no expertise or interest in the KDE code. Sorry.

    • ivanoff

      ivanoff - 2004-10-20

      Thank you for your reply.
      When I have time, I will try to port it but configure is not my cup of tea. Anyway....

      It's sad to read you are the last maintainer. This is not the first forgotten open source tool I see and I guess we should get used to see projects disappear one day. It's especially sad because psion machines are not so old and my good old revo is still good.

      If I succeed to bring the tool back life with KDE, I will come back.


      • Reuben Thomas

        Reuben Thomas - 2004-10-20

        Well, plptools is not dead yet. I still use my Revo, which is why I maintain plptools, and I intend to continue as long as I have a Psion and it's not too hard.

        Other than that I won't be sad to see plptools die, because it's only useful over the lifetime of the devices it talks too.

        I'd be delighted if you managed to resurrect the KDE stuff and port it to KDE 3. I imagine it can't be too hard for someone with some KDE knowledge (I have none at all).

    • ivanoff

      ivanoff - 2004-10-24

      It appears that in fact, everything works fine on KDE3.3. but the problems comes from configure.
      I managed to make it work allright from the CVS snapshot.
      The thing is to modify
      and remove the following lines:
      KDE_FIND_PATH(kdb2html, KDB2HTML, [$kde_default_bindirs], [KDE_MISSING_PROG_ERROR(kdb2html)])
      and :
      Then regenerate the configure, and voil! kde generation works.
      I wonder why this application was required to make it work.

      It seems the sources come with configure already generated. Is there a release planned soon?
      If I can help, please let me know


      • Reuben Thomas

        Reuben Thomas - 2004-10-24

        Thanks very much. Since I'm not interested in supporting KDE 2 any longer, I'd be quite happy to remove those lines in CVS.

        In response to your second question, a release is long overdue, and there have been some significant minor bug-fixes, and, more importantly, fixes so that plptools can be built with newer compilers (however, currently it won't build with gcc 3.4, although it can be made to by sacrificing compatibility with gcc 3.3).

        If you'd like to help with a new release, I'd be happy to make you a developer so that you can check in the changes required to make the KDE stuff build under KDE 3.

    • ivanoff

      ivanoff - 2004-10-24

      I would be glad to help if you want.
      As for now the two lines off are sufficient to make it compile.
      I wonder why they were there since, the kdb2html was not used.
      Kpsion works fine too.

      • Reuben Thomas

        Reuben Thomas - 2004-10-24

        Great. I've added you to the project as a developer. You should now be able to commit your changes for KDE compilation. I'll look into making a new release soon.


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