#29 compile with tcl 8.6.0-3 and itcl 3.4.1-2


With the attached patch I was able to compile plplot-5.9.9 with tcl 8.6.0-3 and itcl 3.4.1-2.

itcl was not enabled in cmake but I was unable to uncomment it. Even with clean make and itcl unchecked, the conf tools searched for itcl on the system. After installing itcl 3.4.1-2 and locating the valid path on configuration file, the configuration completed but built failed.

1)There was a conflict of 'Tcl_Import' struct between plplot and new tcl headers ("char * pattern" instead of "const char * pattern").

2)Also 'Tcl_Interp' struct does not seem to has any member "result".

These two rough-fixes (see the ugly patch) left the built process to finish. I built it on an Arch-x64 box with GCC 4.7.2 and cmake

Thanks and congratulations for your work!

p.s. message from built (help semantic bots find the problem):

plplot/bindings/tk/tkMain.c:89:12: error: conflicting types for ‘Tcl_Import’
In file included from /usr/include/tcl.h:2433:0,
/usr/include/tclDecls.h:1472:13: note: previous declaration of ‘Tcl_Import’ was here


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    Anonymous - 2013-02-20
  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2014-09-05
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  • Alan W. Irwin

    Alan W. Irwin - 2014-09-05

    I am changing the status of this patch to closed-out-of-date. Here is why.

    Please try the latest git master branch version of PLplot which according to our standard Tcl/Tk build and extensive run-time tests works well for the combination of

    Tcl/Tk/Itcl/Itk/Iwidgets versions = 8.6.1/8.6.1/3.4/3.3/4.0.1

    Those same standard build and run-time tests for

    Tcl/Tk/Itcl/Itk/Iwidgets versions = 8.6.1/8.6.1/4.0.0/4.0.0/4.1.0

    worked reasonably well (when using the cmake option -DUSE_INCRTCL_VERSION_4=ON), but some of the Itcl/Itk/Iwidgets PLplot functionality was compromised a bit showing that the PLplot code implementing that functionality needed to be updated to be consistent with the latest versions of Itcl/Itk/Iwidgets.

    Thanks for your interest in the Tcl/Tk/Itcl/Itk/Iwidgets bindings for PLplot. I encourage you to submit more patches (using git format-patch) and/or bug reports if you find any issues with the git master branch of PLplot.


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