PLplot-5.1.0 is released!

7 months and 500+ CVS commits after PLplot-5.0.4 it is time for another
stable release of this publication-quality scientific plotting package.

What: PLplot-5.1.0 release (source tarball and RedHat 7.1
and Mandrake 8.1 source and binary rpm's).
Where: (click on file releases).
When: 2002 January 31
Why: New features, improved features, and bug fixing
Who: The PLplot core development team
with additional help from Alessandro Mirone ( and
Olof Svensson (

The principal feature of this new stable release is it now works on a wide
range of platforms. We have good reports for Windows systems (98, NT, and
2000), Mac OS X, several Unix systems, and of course for Linux. 5.1.0 has
expanded examples, improved documentation, dynamically loadable device
drivers (including a new Computer Graphics Metafile driver), and
experimental versions of an image plotting function, a PyQT GUI, and a Java
front end.

For details see the full release announcement at

Have fun with this latest stable release of PLplot!

Alan W. Irwin for the PLplot core team

Posted by Alan W. Irwin 2002-02-01

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