Source and binary(i386) rpm's for RedHat 6.2, PLplot 5.0.3

To get access to these rpm's go to the usual PLPlot file release place
(, click on "[View ALL Project Files]").

These rpm's are configured for double precision and are strictly only for
vanilla RedHat 6.2. Thus, tcl/tk/itcl is not supported (too old a version),
octave is not supported, the png and jpeg drivers are not supported (libgd
too old), the gnome driver is not supported (libgtk+ is too old). On the
other hand, all c, c++, f77, and python xw??.py demos work fine. Also, the
multitude of man pages corresponding to each of our common API functions are
installed as well as the info, html, dvi, postscript, and pdf forms of our
complete documentation. Try "man plinit" or "info plplot" right after the
install to see what is possible with automatic processing of
documentation that is based on DocBook/XML.

Note, I have only made about 10 different rpm's in my life, it has been more
than a year since I made my last one (although making rpm's is amazingly
easy if you refer to the Maximum RPM book on RedHat's site), and this spec
file has only been tested on one RedHat 6.2 machine. Thus, take the usual
precautions with narrowly tested rpm's:

rpm --checksig package_file_name #to make sure all bits are present and correct.
rpm -qplv package_file_name #to list all files and permissions of those files that will be installed.
rpm -qp --scripts package_file_name #to list the scripts that will be executed.
rpm -qp --requires package_file_name #to list what you need on your system
# (the dependencies) for a successful install.
rpm -qp --provides package_file_name #to list what this package will provide

and after installation:

rpm -V plplot

Note the spec file for these rpm's and some documentation of this spec file
are in the CVS (see the plplot/rpm/) directory. The plan is to add
additional spec files in this CVS directory for other versions of RedHat and
other rpm-based distributions if/when a member of the core team gets access
to such distributions, and of course I will update the present spec file if
any of you find problems with it for Redhat 6.2 on i386.

Alan W. Irwin

Posted by Alan W. Irwin 2001-04-01

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