Hi Jerry,

I have tested SVN this morning on Linux and most ADA examples I have tested work fine now with colors. I have only found a black rectangle with ADA example 31 but  C and C++ examples 31 do the same. This is may be not normal as it is written that this example mostly outputs text, and that as part of the PLplot testing regime, you
     -- require that the text output match that of the C version, x31c.c, exactly.
     -- Therefore, certain extra measures were made in this Ada version to assure that matching text is created.

This piece of software looks great for Ada users. What would be perfect is to have a pre-elaborated Windows GNAT Ada library in the next release !

Thank you a lot


2010/1/3 Jerry <lanceboyle@qwest.net>
Hi emile,

I'm the "Ada guy" for PLplot since I wrote and maintain the Ada bindings.

I basically confirm your problem on OS X for 5.9.5, modulo black/white/gray depending on the output device, for Example 1. (I haven't checked other examples yet.) Converting color PS to PDF or starting with a PDF directly, then opening in a graphics program, there is a black rectangle hiding the entire page. When it is removed, the plots appear underneath in black-on-white, no color. Some other formats show similar oddities, with a gray translucent rectangle in addition, or just a solid gray rectangle in the Qt Widget. SVG output has an all-white rectangle covering all-white plots and text.

I don't know what to tell you at this point in order get a solution but I'll continue to look into this. That this should appear is very odd because all of the PLplot binding examples are rather rigorously tested before release so that they generate identical Postscript output as the C examples. In the case of Ada Example 1, the file sizes (Ada vs. C) are identical but there are 16 lines which are different, in that a few floating point numbers are different. (Sorry for the detail but part of my purpose is for other PLplot developers in case they have any ideas about what is wrong.)

For what it is worth, the current version from SVN works OK. If you know how to download that I think your problem will be solved. In the meantime, I'll see if there is any explanation for this problem in the Ada code.

Sorry for the problem.

Jerry Back

On Jan 1, 2010, at 3:57 PM, emile lunardon wrote:

With PlPlot 5.9.5 running under Debian Lenny, the outputs of Ada examples are generally full black rectangles. The only exceptions I have noticed are for :
      - The mode "monochrome Postscript file" where plots are well readable but only in black over white.
      - For example 29 where colored rectangles are visible.

All examples in C++ works fine with color. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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