Hello plplot community :^)

I have two questions w/ regards to the functionality of the plplot C++ bindings.

First, is it possible to plot single pixels in scatter plot (plpoin)? I've tried using a lot of the different symbols and changing the size of those symbols (with plssym), but I can't seem to find a combination that will just turn on a single pixel for each data point I plot.

Second, I'm going to be plotting about 5000 data points or so, the problem is that the way my data are structured, the points I need to plot are not stored sequentially in memory. I have data with about 15 parameters per point, and I only want to plot points (the x and y are two of the parameters) that satisfy some filtering criteria. Am I better off simply taking the memory and performance hit to create an additional data structure in which these data are sequential? Or can I simply call plpoin to plot each individual point? In the latter case I would loop through the data only once and plot points as I found them, whereas in the former there is the extra overhead of creating the data structure and copying the data before I can plot it.

Any advice would be appreciated!