I am new to PLplot and this the first time I have used CMake.  For simplicity, on my part, I have been using the GUI version (ccmake CMakeLists.txt) to generate the makefile.  I am attaching the output from using ccmake.  This was made on my Linux platform.

CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
 STRING sub-command REGEX, mode MATCH needs at least 6 arguments total to command.
 Current CMake stack: /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot-5.7.3/src/CMakeLists.txt

 CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
 STRING sub-command REGEX, mode MATCH needs at least 6 arguments total to command.
 Current CMake stack: /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot-5.7.3/src/CMakeLists.txt

 Summary of CMake build system results for PLplot

 Install location variables which can be set by the user:
 CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:      /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot
 CMAKE_INSTALL_EXEC_PREFIX  /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot
 CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR    /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/bin
 CMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR    /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share
 CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR    /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/lib
 CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR   /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/include
 CMAKE_INSTALL_INFODIR    /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share/info
 CMAKE_INSTALL_MANDIR    /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share/man

 Derived install location variables:
 DATA_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share/plplot5.7.3
 LIB_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/lib
 INCLUDE_DIR  /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/include/plplot
 BIN_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/bin
 TCL_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share/plplot5.7.3/tcl
 DRV_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/lib/plplot5.7.3/driversd
 DOC_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share/doc/plplot
 MAN_DIR      /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share/man
 INFO_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/share/info

 Other important CMake variables:




 Library options:

 Optional libraries:

 Language Bindings:

 BIN_DIR     /home/hall000s/Linux/plplot/bin

 CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS:/usw/local/launch/ifort
 Target Fortran:IVF

If this isn't what you are looking for please let me know.
Thank you all again for all of your help.
On 7/18/07, Alan W. Irwin <irwin@beluga.phys.uvic.ca> wrote:
On 2007-07-18 10:21-0400 Scott Hall wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to get PLplot installed onto three different platforms, Windows,
> SunOS, and Linux.  My goal is to be able to compile the same random programs
> on each of the three platforms.  I have succesfully built on all three but
> now I am trying to optimize my builds so that I am using the same flags and
> as few flags as possible during compilation on all three platforms.  Because
> of the project I am working on I am hard coding the flags in order to get
> PLplot to work in conjunction with other programs that I am running.
> Basically I want to only build PostScript files as my output on all three
> platforms.  When building on Linux and Unix I disable all but the postscript
> driver and when I configure it I get an error indicating that it is
> expecting at least 6 arguments.  My question is, what are the bare
> essentials I need to get PLplot to build only requiring PostScript output.
> I am hoping that I don't need the GD, freetype, xwin, etc libraries.
> I am using cmake to build plplot and must build it with only static
> libraries.
> I appreciate any advice and assistance.

I would be glad to help, but I need you to post the details of the issue to
this list (the details should preferably be for your Linux platform because
that is the platform I have access to).

Those details include the cmake flags that you use, the complete output from
the cmake command, and the complete output from the make command (if the
cmake output shows no errors).

I assure you that I have done absolutely minimal PLplot builds (one
postscript device driver, nothing but C language) in the recent past with no
problems, but there may be some issue with the particular cmake flags you are
using which is why I need such details.

Alan W. Irwin

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