I am new to PLplot and I was hoping to get some help with building problems.  I have managed to successfully build PLplot on Linux by basically accepting the default settings.  I tested PLplot and it works fine g77 and C.  I am trying to use the g95 FORTRAN compiler, for the project I am working on it must be this compiler, but it gives me referencing errors when I compile FORTRAN code, that works with g77 just fine.  So I decided to build it again this time enabling f95.  I exported "FC=g95 -O2" before I used cmake and g95 is referenced in my PATH.  No matter what I do I try and enable f95, configure will automaticall disable it.  I also tried exporting "FC=f95 -O2" as well but no matter what I do configure always disables f95.  I was hoping that someone new of a way around this little problem, it will be greatly appreciated.