I would like to also ask: which wxPLplotwindow should normally be referred to when creating your own wxwidgets plplot apps?

I noticed that updates to the wxWidgets driver are not common, but there are actually two versions of the wxPLplotwindow class.
There is one located on trunk/bindings/wxwidgets/wxplplotwindow.h and .cpp, and one in trunk/drivers/wxwidgets.h and wxwidgets_app.cpp. The latter has seemingly much more functionality (and uses more derived classes) and is capable of using multiple display drivers (agg, dc, gc). Should the class or all classes from wxwidgets.h actually be moved to become a binding? Or am I now completely misunderstanding the procedure...

Regards, Joost

From: jkuckartz1984@hotmail.com
To: plplot-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:12:26 +1100
Subject: [Plplot-devel] wxWidgets-3.0.0 demo display incorrect


In the wxPLplotdemo example, the bottom half of the plot display is empty (see http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/5332/oqdv.jpg ). Having seen this in wxWidgets before I expect a sizer issue.
When resizing the screen, it becomes worse (only the original visible size will stay visible, but the plot is moving with the size of the window). This does not occur when running examples with "-dev wxwidgets", in that case everything is fine.
Running wxwidgets-3.0.0, Windows 7.

When using "x00.exe -dev wxwidgets", and then simply closing the window, a popup "x00.exe has stopped working" occurs. Unfortunately my Visual Studio is not set up to automatically direct me to the source code to debug. This happens with any example.

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