Hazen, Alan,

I'm following your work with cmake from a distance, and I hope you don't mind me making comments from "the back seat"...

Is it possible to configure cmake to name the shared libs e.g. libplplotf77cd.9.1.0.dylib (with the version after the name but before the extension) on OS X?
Although it is unlikely that the current naming will cause any problems, it is probably a good idea to follow platform conventions.

I'll see if I can find some time during next week to try cmake for myself.


On Jul 29, 2006, at 01:31, hbabcockos1@mac.com wrote:

On Jul 28, 2006, at 4:36 PM, Alan W. Irwin wrote:

Update of /cvsroot/plplot/plplot/bindings/f77
In directory sc8-pr-cvs1.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv23733/bindings/f77

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Drop LINKER_LANGUAGE C workaround for Fortran libraries in the Linux case
since it causes problems on non-Linux platforms.  To actually solve this
CMake bug on the Linux platform for Fortran libraries, CMake users need to
apply the following patch to their installed CMake-2.4.2 tree:

Thanks! It was indeed causing problems. With this change I can now compile with Fortran on OS-X. However, at the install phase I get the following error:

-- Install configuration: ""
-- Installing /usr/local/lib/libplplotf77cd.dylib.9.1.0
CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
FILE INSTALL cannot find file "/Users/hbabcock/Documents/OpenSource/PLplot/plplot-build/bindings/f77/libplplotf77d.dylib.9.1.0" to install.
make: *** [install] Error 255

iMac ~/Documents/OpenSource/PLplot/plplot-build : ls bindings/f77/libplplotf77*
bindings/f77/libplplotf77cd.dylib       bindings/f77/libplplotf77cd.dylib.9.1.0
bindings/f77/libplplotf77cd.dylib.9     bindings/f77/libplplotf77d.dylib

It looks like one of "libplplotf77cd.dylib.9.1.0" or "libplplotf77d.dylib" should be what it is actually looking for.

I haven't had as much luck with Python. I think that it might be related to the following bug in cmake with Frameworks on OS-X:


Any idea when cmake version 2.4.2 was created?


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