Hi everyone,

I need to use an application (SCAMP) that require the GD driver to run correctly, so I am trying to build from the scratch the Plplot library (5.9.9) with the PLD_png option enabled. I know that since 5.9.3 the gd device driver is deprecated, but it is said in the README.release next:

For those platforms where libgd (the
dependency of the gd device driver) is accessible while the required
dependencies of the cairo and/or qt devices are not accessible, you
can still use these deprecated devices by setting PLD_png, PLD_jpeg,
or PLD_gif to ON.


I have run ccmake in order to activate the PLD_png option, but every time it is "deactivated" just when exiting from ccmake.

Could anyone tell me whether still is possible to build the Plplot library with the GD driver enabled ? how ?

Thanks very much for your help,