Update: I am now compiling plplot well, even without X going, all of my snafus have magically gone away,
it must have been my cat.

On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 2:07 AM, Arjen Markus <Arjen.Markus@deltares.nl> wrote:

Hi Greg,


Hm, I can imagine some parts of PLplot requiring X Window features, but I ordinarily do not start the X server. Not until I realise that for the driver I want to test I need X in fact J. Odd, very odd that you should need X Window. Especially as the error in the makefile occurs in a place that has nothing to do with graphics.


(I have postponed my staring because of my day job, so no harm there.)






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OK you can stop staring, as I said I have both CYG32 and CYG64, I've been trying to run CMAKE from

the mintty console, without the X-window substrata.  Now I went into Xindow/Xterm mode and it is working.


I am not sure why you would need –DCMAKE_HOST_UNIX at all – I have never needed it. My current system is Windows 7 with Cygwin 64-bits, so that is definitely not the same as your Windows XP system. That makes it a trifle complex to try and reproduce that part of your problem. I will stare at the output you attached and see if I can find the cause, as well as try whether the makefile problem occurs on my system.








  I went back to seehow far I can get with CYGWIN.

My hardware: Intel 64-bit dual-core, 6GB memory. (no virtualization)

C/D/E/F drives.  E: holds a WinXP 32-bit, C holds Win7 home premium

Cygwin(32) installation from Win-XP heavily loaded, cmake=2.8.9

Cygwin(64) 1.7.30 on Win7, gcc 4.8.2, cmake=2.8.12


I can't run cygwin32, as it stands, from the win7 system so I have to reboot into XP for that.


I keep a "Vanilla" cmake-2.8.12 for tests, otherwise my modifications are made in a few

files to help the Mingw/msys compilations proceed.  Another modification is needed to

catch CYGWIN, which I run with generator "Unix Makefiles" and -DCMAKE_HOST_UNIX=1

set (in my modified files I set this in CMakeUnixFindMake).



With a minimum number of found packages the cygwin64/cmake2.8.12+ configuration

looks healthy, ready to make xfig, wingcc and a few other drivers (Statis).  However I get a make error right off the bat, (operating on a recent svn snapshot)

lib/qsastime/CMakeFiles/deltaT-gen.dir/build.make:59: *** target pattern contains no '%'.  Stop.



  I find however different results in my older cygwin32/cmake-2.8.9 run, which didn't need any -DCMAKE_HOST_UNIX help, and proceeded quite far before

stopping. (At python).


cmake.out - 3 configurations copied from cmake-gui(2.8.12) window before generation.

make.out (short) make from this showing error on first item.


bldcyg32make.out - configuration and make output from the cygwin32/cmake-2.8.9 run (using windows XP)