It works OK here (using the Arch PKGBUILD) on a VM with Manjaro unstable running on a real machine with Manjaro Stable:

The relevant lines of the commands are:

_svntrunk= _svnmod=plplot svn co ${_svntrunk} ${_svnmod} --config-dir ./

Which looks to me to reduce to the same thing. So I should think that either it was temporary or there's an odd DNS issue on your system.


On 23 January 2014 14:42, Arjen Markus <> wrote:

I am trying to check out the source code under a virtual Linux machine, but I get the message from SF or SVN that the repository is temporarily relocated. Does anyone know anything about this?

The repository I am referred to is: . So it has nothing to do with PLplot.

If I am doing something wrong, what am I doing wrong? The command is simply (as advertised on the PLplot page):

svn checkout plplot



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