Has anybody actually used plslabelfunc in a Fortran program? I've been trying and it appears to be ignored. The demo program that follows (at least for me) gives no indication that 'label_fmt' ever gets called. So I thought I'd just check in case I'm doing something silly before I report a bug.

I'm using plplot 5.9.9 on Manjaro Linux (Arch derivative) with gfortran 4.7.2.


==== DEMO PROGRAM =====

module fmtf
  use plplot
  implicit none
  subroutine label_fmt(axis, value, label, length)
    integer :: axis, length
    real(kind=plflt) :: value
    character(len=length) :: label

    print *, axis, length, value

    if (axis == 1) then
       write(label, "('x',f3.1,'x')") value
       write(label, "('y',f5.3,'y')") value
    end if
    print *, label
  end subroutine label_fmt
end module fmtf

program axis_fmt
  use plplot
  use fmtf
  implicit none

  call plparseopts(PL_PARSE_SKIP)
  call plinit()

  call plslabelfunc(label_fmt)

  call plenv(0._plflt, 8._plflt, 0._plflt, 12._plflt, 0, 0)

  call plend
end program axis_fmt