Thank you;thank-you;I see the math graph;oh my god,I do see it !I use NMake, The IDE is too hard for me,Nmake  work fine,now i want to share my experience with you ;
i got some error with nmake ,and I try solve some,I'm a Chinese college student, When i use Nmake just like you show in wiki;i got error with"..... examples\c\x18c.c  line 82(I use notepad++ open it ),the fourth parameter "." is error,I think because I come from china ,so the character"." show error in my PC when i open it with notepad++,the character"." turn into "",I edit it to ".", so it's build fine,work fine;

the second error is x24c.c,it's a word "peace" use different language; in my PC,I can't see some language "peace ";they just show"" ;because i  use windows;so i change the code char * peace[]->wchar_t *peace[];
and i use API WideCharToMultiByte change UNICODE to Utf-8,So it build fine ,but work error, It can't show non-English character;

the third error is "x33c.c",you define some "special_symbols",It's wrong when nmake build ;

I got a warning and a error with each of the three ".c" files in nmake ,the warning is c4819 and the error is c2001
I find if I open ".c" files and save them with "Unicode",Then all three files build fine.but just get a warning c4566;
Then i find ".cc" files is same as the ".c",Now ,How do you think about it?and I want to know why don't use Unicode to replace of ASCII,Unicode have big bugs?