I’m not sure whether or not this is the correct way to post a question on the plplot-general mailing list. Is I do this wrong, can anyone tell me the correct way?


My Question:

I'm new to PLplot. Previously I use GNUplot but then had problem with plotting speed when plotting too many points. Anyway, can anyone tell me if PLplot is the right tool to go? 
- one window with 4 subplot. Top half plot ONE 3-D plot and bottom half has THREE 2-D plots. 
- Plot 10,000 - 20,000 points (I don't need to plot surface or lines, just points). 
- has to be fast (My program will keep on refreshing the plot). 
My next question is that I tried to create a 3D plot in PLplot, but I want to have grids on the x-z and y-z plane, just like example 11 in PLplot website: http://plplot.sourceforge.net/examples.php?demo=11. 
My Understanding is that I need to use add a letter 'd' inside the function plbox3(..), but the grid will only be showed after we call either plot3d(...) or plmesh(...).

The thing is I only want to plot a point in the 3D plane so I only use plpoin3(...). And no grid is showed.

Do I miss something? Is there an easy way to plot grid? Is there another way to get what I want? 
thanks so much for the help.