Thanks. editing pdf.cmake seems to have solved that problem. I do get a few undef references to zlib when compiling plrender.exe. I can compile my program by linking it with zlib.
I do get a few messages when running the program. I do not know if these are debug messages  from the pdf driver or if they are error messages.

plOpenFile: Opened C:\file.pdf
plLibOpenPdfstr: Found file (null)
the size of data is 47562

On 6/27/07, Werner Smekal <> wrote:
Hi Simon,

Simon Lundell wrote:
> I am getting undefined references to _imp__HPDF_methodname, see below.
> Am I missing some lib that should be linked in? Is there some problem
> with name decoration?
I think plplot awaits a shared pdf lib, while you compiled the static
lib. You can see from the output of the compiler what functions it wants
(the _imp_HPDF stuff). You can check with various tools what functions a
library contains, e.g. with the mingw command "nm" or "impdef" - you'll
see that these function names are not provided in the library.

Reason is that in "cmake/modules/pdf.cmake" I added "-DHPDF_DLL" into
the compiler options, since I assumed for the moment, that everybody is
using the shared library. If you delete this from the cmake file, it
should than compile. I haven't tested it, but this should be the solution.


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