Hi Neil,


I am afraid this is not a well-developed area of PLplot. I just implemented the PL_ESC_GETC escape for providing (limited) interaction in the wingcc device, but I found out that we have no particular way of identifying which button was pressed (xwin uses the X Window macros, unless I have overlooked something, and for wingcc I simply used the value 1 – not really the platform-neutrality PLplot is meant for ;)).


The current implementation shows a “wait” mouse button rather than a crosshair – no idea why.


There is a lot more to say on the subject, but I have no time at the moment.







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Dear All,


What is the current PLplot status on the functionality of the Interactive Platforms. I see on the main PLplot webpage there is reference to a number of platforms Qt, wx Widgets and the like? There is little guidance in the manual as to how these work and it's not clear from the examples if they are included. I'm basically looking to make surface plots then change view position so I can see the plots from any number of directions, basically for data analysis. Does such a capability currently exist in PLplot, and if so which Interactive Platform (Qt, Tcl, wx Widgets, .....) might be the best for this purpose?


Thank you for any help.




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