Hi Steve,


that looks very nice. I do not use DXF files myself very often, but I know something about them. Some more or less trivial questions:

-        Is your driver dependent on any external library? (I guess not, but if it is, incorporating it may require extra work).

-        Does the driver produce DXF files in a particular dialect? (I remember from long ago this could be a real problem)

-        Does the driver handle all the plot facilities of PLplot, notably filled contours and the like – DXF is a line format isn’t it?






From: Ferrell, Stephen [mailto:sferrellblue@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 8:46 PM
To: Alan W. Irwin; Arjen Markus
Cc: PLplot development list; Andrew Ross
Subject: DXF File Driver Completed


I've written an AutoCAD DXF file driver that compiles and runs under plplot 5.9.10.  It's based heavily off of the HPGL and LaserJet  drivers.  I've attached the output from the X11c demo for those who are interested.  AutoCAD users should remember to zoom extents after loading the file or the screen will appear to be blank.  If there's a real interest I'll send out the driver and it would be nice if it were someday added to the repository but I don't have a cvs/subversion account, nor do I use any software revision tools at the moment.



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