Hi everyone,

I have subscribed to the git mailing list, got a clone of the repository and so should be able to do commits and see the result. I did in fact change one thing and committed it, but presumably that is just in my local copy. I guess I need to “push” the changes to get them into the “central” repository – if I understand it all correctly. I hesitate because the Kitware document is not clear on how to go about with bug fixes. And I am still trying to understand the git command ;).

The change I made (to solve the immediate problem regarding SVG files that are replotted) consists of some three lines of code, so nothng major. Still, I would like confirmation that I am going about it the right way:

-        I cloned the repository from SF

-        I made my changes and did a (local) commit

-        I did not do anything wrt tags or branches, so my changes are likely to be in the main branch

-        If I push these changes, then they should end up in the main branch – if my understanding is correct

So, can I simply push this?




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> Note, this is highly recommended for all PLplot core developers as well as others
> here who want to actively follow PLplot development.
> If you did not automatically get an e-mail with subject line "[plplot:plplot] [f55848] -
> Alan W. Irwin: Add copy of test_ada."
> corresponding to my recent push to our official SF git repo, then you should
> immediately login to SF, and then visit sf.net/projects/plplot
> --> Code.  The top of that GUI should have a subscribe button which
> should allow you to be informed of every push to our official git repo from then on by
> e-mail.
> Also note if you are subscribed to the (mis-named) plplot-cvs mailing list which kept
> track of all our subversion commits, that mailing list will no longer be updated by our
> svn repo (which is read-only now) so you might as well unsubscribe from plplot-cvs.
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