Hi all,

As Alan said, the remaining misalignment issue is due to the misalignement of the glyphs inside the
Debian FreeSerif Font. Using ForgeFont:

FontForge -- An outline font editor that lets you create your own postscript, truetype, opentype, cid-keyed, multi-master, cff, svg and bitmap (bdf, FON, NFNT) fonts, or edit existing ones. Also lets you convert one format to another. FontForge has support for many macintosh font formats.

I have modified the FreeSerif.ttf font in order to properly align a part of the glyphs: the symbol
plotted with plpoin are now well aligned. (I'm not aware of the copyrights, but I can obviously share this new
"FreeSerif_plplot.ttf" TrueType font ;-) ).

But, we've encoutered a new problem: when plotting inside a png file, using the gd driver, the symbol
are not clipped (is that the right word?) when lying outside the range of the axis. That is, symbols may be plotted outside the box (when the data lie outside the x/y min/max of the axes).

In our sense, it seems to be a problem with the gd driver, since it does not occur when plotting to the screen
(xwin) or to a postscript (ps).

Has anyone faced such an issue? Any idea?

Bruno & Nicolas

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Alan wrote:
Now to deal with the specifics of your question, our best demonstration of
examples 6 and 7 (and also example 23 at
http://plplot.sourceforge.net/examples/demo23.php which shows a subset of
the large number of unicode mathematical symbol possibilities that are
accessible with TrueType fonts) was done with the Debian ttf-freefont
package which is described as follows:

Thanks Alan! The Debian ttf-freefont is great and now, I can access to the same table than with
the Hershey font (and plplot looks nicer than ever)

A last issue: the alignment of the font seems different (by default) than with Hershey: the symbols
do not seem to be center in the $,$y position and the x/ylabel of written over the ticks.... ?
(this is a tiny effect)

Is there here again an environment variable to set?