Dear All,

I like to save some pictures as are currently displayed on the screen into a "jpeg" file and then continue with plotting to the screen.

I tried to do it as follows :

      call plgstrm(i1)
      call plmkstrm(i2)
      call plsfnam('tmp.jpg')
      call plsdev('jpeg')
      call plcpstrm(i1,.false.)
      call plreplot
      call plend1
      call plsstrm(i1)

But as soon as I start plotting again the program crashes with a segmentation violation.

Using "valgrind" on this, it looks like "plend1" frees the plot buffer of the main stream. Removing "plend1" indeed let me continuing plotting, but then at the end, the call to "plend" gives me errors from "glibc" about corrupted links. Moreover by not calling "plend1" I think a lot of memory will be wasted.

Is the way as described above for creating an intermediate "jpeg" file valid or do I have to follow another route ?

Any help is appreciated.

Hans Rijneke.

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