Perhaps it was Alaska, i just remembered Alan mentioning it after i added the shapefile support, then some months ago i found the reason while looking at something else. Sorry i didn't reply earlier today. I was fighting with the cmake build stuff. Thanks for propagating the fix.


From: Alan W. Irwin
Sent: ‎26/‎09/‎2013 19:10
To: phil rosenberg
Subject: Re: [Plplot-devel] x19 patch

On 2013-09-26 10:00-0700 Alan W. Irwin wrote:

> On 2013-09-26 02:19-0700 phil rosenberg wrote:
>> Hi Alan
>> Meant to drop this in to you some time back. A very minor patch to
> fix the x19 missing bit of antarctica on the global map. The problem
> was that the axes went beyond the -360 to +360 degrees that the map
> routines draw on since the shapefile changes. Changing these limits
> was all that was needed.
>> The patch covers C and C++. I was tempted to go through and make
> changes to the other bindings as it was so minor, but i don't have
> things set up to even compile them so I thought I had better not.
> Hi Phil:
> Thanks for your patch.
> I am going to put off considering this patch until post-release since
> its too late for this release. Nevertheless, it does sound like your
> patch (and its propagation to all the other languages) should be first
> on our agenda post-release.

Just to clarify, I didn't read my e-mail INBOX sufficiently before my
reply above, and it turned out that Andrew had already got your patch
and the further language propagations into this release which is

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