On 05/17/2010 06:39 PM, Hazen Babcock wrote:
Ryan Hamilton wrote:

I'm trying to recreate a plot from a paper which has a log X axis and a linear Y axis, and had custom X labels for each subtick leading up to each change in magnitude since the data barely span an order of magnitude.  Without custom X labels I'm left with only two labels on the whole X axis.  No amount of playing with xtick or nxsub in plbox+plenv achieved what I was trying to do, though I am open to suggestions to see if I missed anything.  I played with the plslabelfunc() routine successfully (through python), but there is no option to plot either axis in log using the custom labeling function, only linear.  Is there an obvious workaround I'm missing?  Thanks,

One approach that might work for you is to take the log of the data first, then plot it on a linear plot (appropriately labeled).

So just to be clear, there's no way to control (or even override) the exact placement of the major ticks when plotting in log space?  You get them every decade, no matter what?

I know I could just take the log and plot it linearly, and looks ok, but I was hoping for something that looks like this:

Plotting linearly I could use the custom label function to put un-logged values in the right place, but then I'm left with uneven spacing along the axis which looks weird to me.

I can just manually label each tick using plmtex and go from there I suppose, which at this point is probably a simpler solution for what I'm trying to do here.