Alan W. Irwin wrote:
On 2008-10-02 22:04+0200 Arjen Markus wrote:


I am picking up the issue of gfortran 4.3.2 under MinGW again.
I have modified the source code (the import/export stuff) so
that the libraries are created appropriately, but while
building the examples, I run into the problem that the file
"libplplotf77d.dll.a" is not found (there is a file "libplplotf77cd.dll.a"
for the C-Fortran interfacing).

I will check this problem, but may need some advice.

We need a lot more information before we can efficiently help you.
Well, the cause of the problem is clear now: when linking the Fortran bindings
into a DLL, gfortran would need the option -Wl,-out-implib,... (or something
similar) to produce the missing library.

This option _is_ present in the gcc part to create the DLL libplplotf77cd.dll.

I checked to see if I could easily add it, but I have not found a specific CMake
module for gfortran under Windows.

So my question now is: Should I go ahead and add such module for this particular
combination (as part of general modules) or add it to the CMakeLists.txt file as
a special case. Or is there another way I should proceed?

More details on the platform:
- I am running CMake in an ordinary DOS-box under Windows XP.
- I make sure that gcc and gfortran are in the path, so that CMake will pick up
  these compilers.
- I use the "MinGW Makefiles" output option to generate the makefiles.

(This differs from the situation where I run CMake via MSYS. MSYS and
MinGW are explicitly distinguished in the CMake modules, but I am not
sure how the above situation is characterised)