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Is plplot a real equivalent to matlab? of course not, it is better!
But, well, am I in front of an issue that may change my mind?
NO, it's impossible!! so please, help me!

Is there a plplot equivalent to the matlab function FILL?:
FILL Filled 2-D polygons.
    FILL(X,Y,C) fills the 2-D polygon defined by vectors X and Y
    with the color specified by C.  The vertices of the polygon
    are specified by pairs of components of X and Y.  If necessary,
    the polygon is closed by connecting the last vertex to the first.

I'm using PDL plplot interface and i would like to plot an image pixel by pixel
(the pixels of this image are rectangular and have different sizes).
I've read plplot doc, have a look to x15.pl and x16.pl examples but, well, :-(
I have not understood anaything.
Anyway, I've found a VERY INEFFICIENT way to do it:
$z is my image, (Xpos* and Ypos*) are the limits of each pixels

for ($k=0;$k<$Nbpix;$k++)
    $w = ones(2,2)*$z($k);
    plshades ($w,
          $shedge, $fill_width,
          $cont_color, $cont_width, 1, 0, 0, 0);
Anyway, since $Nbpix is 512*100, the display takes a long time....
Perhaps there is a way with \&pltr(1or2) and $cgrid(1or2) as in the examples
but i did not understand the impact on the surface....

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