Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
* hbabcockos1@mac.com <hbabcockos1@mac.com> [2006-05-21 14:00]:

Release candidate #1 for PLplot 5.6.1 is now available for download at:


This is a *test* release for the final version of PLplot 5.6.1. If  
you have the time & the inclination, please download it and let us  
know if does/does not work on your system of choice.

I built preliminary Debian packages for this RC tarball.  Everything went
well and the packages are available at:

You will notice the funny version number 5.6.0.rc1.5.6.1-1.  This is needed
in Debian for smooth upgrades, because the following version comparisons
must hold:

    5.6.0 < 5.6.0.rc1.5.6.1 < 5.6.1

At any rate, these packages are not officially released and I will
probably wait the final 5.6.1 release to do so.  The 5.6.0-1 packages are
still in the NEW queue (http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html) waiting
for ftp-admin approval before they are moved into unstable.

There is now a new package called libplplot-fortran9 which contains the
shared libraries for the F77 and F95 bindings, as well as the F95

I added a call to "make check" in debian/rules and I noticed that the
check for the Fortran binding outputs things like:

    Testing front-end f95
    0 - /root/plplot/plplot-5.6.1_RC1/examples/f95/.libs/lt-x16af
    1 - -dev
    2 - psc
    3 - -o
    4 - ./x16af95.ps

Is this normal?
Hm, that seems to be some debugging code left from the issue on
Cygwin that command-line arguments do not work when shared
libraries are used... I will look into this.