Jim Dishaw wrote:
I have just made some commits to change the install location to
$prefix/share/fortran/modules/plplot.  A generic location in
/usr/share/fortran was recommended when I asked the question about the best
install location on the LFHS list.  I stuck on modules to be more
informative, and plplot to distinguish our modules from others.

If you are referring to the .mod files generated by the Fortran
compiler, I would have to disagree with this decision.  The
$PREFIX/share hierarchy is for files that are architecture-indepdendent
and modifiable.  The .mod files are compiler specific and storing them
in $PREFIX/share would break environments that maintain multiple
configurations.  Also, .mod files are not modifiable since they are tied
to the library.  A better place to put them is in $PREFIX/include or in

For example, since I generally use two or three compilers per
architecture, I typically put the .mod files in
$PREFIX/include/cpu-arch-os-compiler.  I opted for include vice lib
since the .mod files are used during compilation and not during linking.
An ideal option would be if you could define a --moddir option and
default it to $EPREFIX/include.
I agree with Jim on this: the mod-files are compiler-specific (even the actual
extension can be different). Keeping them close to the library will make life
a bit easier for the users.