M. Frankford,

I'm quoting from Allen Irwin's description of the requirements for png in his email of 3/29/01"
          [Plplot-general] Version 5.0.3 released':

(1) General PNG and JPEG drivers have been added which are based on the
libgd library (available for Unix/Linux/Mac/Windows).  These drivers
encourage the use of PLplot for web applications because the PNG and JPEG
formats are so favoured for the web. We classify these two drivers as
late-beta and we are sufficiently confident of them that we configure them
by default if you have the appropriate headers and libraries installed from
libgd, libpng, libjpeg, and zlib. (You need at least libgd-1.7 to obtain
good PNG images, and at least libgd-1.8 to obtain JPEG images under PLplot.)
For more information on libgd and the additional required libraries please
visit http://www.boutell.com/gd/.

Perhaps your system doesn't have all the appropriate headers installed, then even though you have enabled png configure will not enable it.


"M. Frankford" wrote:

I am trying to use the plplot package add dynamic plots of ballistic
data on a webpage. To do this I need to write plots to png files from a
:"C" cgi program. I have done this using the gd library. Now I wanted to
add axis tick marks and the like using the plplot lib. I started by
modifing the x01c.c program by adding

/* Initialize plplot */

When I run it it returned the following error

[root@search plplot-5.0.3]# tmp/x01c | more
Plplot library version: 5.0.3
Requested device png not available

I ran configure as
sh configure --enable-png
to make sure prior to make.
What else do I need to do to plot to png files. Also is it possible to
send the png output to stdout rather than a file?



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