Michael wrote:
Geoff and Dan,

I have pretty much abandoned the direct PNG code.  I finally got
ghostscript to output a PNG image and it looks wonderful.  The only problem
is rotating the landscape image to a landscape view.  I have been using
ImageMagick to do this.  It takes a noticable, but not dreadful amount of

We want a seemless interface to our greta code which uses plplot for all output.  Ghostscript and Imagetick introduce whole new software programs.

What we can do along these lines is take a postscript file generated by plplot, and then use xv to make it a gif.  So again no need for Ghostscript and Imagetick.

Thanks for the info though I'lll keep it in mind



I have also finally figured out where in the postscript file to put some
invisible (background color) text to get acrobat and ghostscript to orient
the PDF page to a landscape view automatically during the PDF creation.

I use the metafile format only now and render the images as needed.  This
allows me to include shell scripts and shell commands in my code to get it
all working.

I can provide more information and some examples if you guys are interested.


Dan Leonard
Computer Specialist (Programmer)
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
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