Sure, I can do that. 

Also, I tried setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH (C:\gtk\lib\pkgconfig) and PLPLOT_LIB (C:\plplot-5.9.5\data) environment variables and while building it warns me:

-- WARNING: pango, pangoft2, or lasi not found with pkg-config.
   Setting PLD_psttf to OFF.  Please install all of these packages
   and/or set the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH appropriately.
which means what I am not sure.  AND I still get the cmap0 warning when running the example. 

Lets hope that the weekly build has this taken care of. 

Another thing, I dont know if this helps.  My boss has a similar setup and he is NOT getting the cmap0 warnings.  Unfortunately before moving to plplot he tried other graphic libraries and so without actually installing gtk (and hence cairo drivers) his always worked out fine once I helped him figure the plplot build batch file.  Obviously his environment is different and considering the many un/re/installs he probably went through, it would be hard to trace the root cause.