Given the following set of gnuplot commands, how can I create the equivalent plot in plplot:


set title 'Tip Deflection'

set term x11

unset key

set zlabel 'dz'

set ylabel 'dy'

set xlabel 'dx'

_gnuplot_error = 1

splot '-' title 'Datafile 12' with lines ; _gnuplot_error = 0

0.0 0.0 0.0

-6.33650180773E-6 -3.59507699157E-7 -0.00108860742542

-3.62627138539E-4 9.64261859507E-7 -0.0077658642054

-0.00103258513631 7.0062247613E-6 -0.013047247334

-2.34646337412E-4 6.6877122162E-7 -0.00622592559896

-2.89297149949E-5 -5.09248661184E-6 0.00223425348094

-3.13846138408E-5 2.14817952244E-7 0.00229304110169

-1.34158756145E-4 -4.13839696473E-6 0.00479188197301

-0.00101444403037 6.98171994971E-6 0.0129021598223

-5.37220447035E-4 9.42137453306E-6 0.00939036903997

-5.26252760973E-5 -3.03673906032E-6 -0.00295768205803


if (_gnuplot_error == 1) print '_ERROR_'



Everything just plots nicely for me in gnuplot, but despite fighting with various settings for viewports, windows, and boxes, I cannot recreate the same plot using plplot. If someone could give me some pointers, that would be great. I have also looked at example 18 and tied to follow its structure without success. Thank you.


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