Actually, looking back I see that this _does_ fix some issues for me, but with Alaska, not Antarctica. Is this what you meant or are we seeing different issues?


Anyway, I'll go ahead and commit your change to all languages.




On Thursday 26 Sep 2013 15:49:12 Andrew Ross wrote:





Thanks - I've tested this and it seems to make no difference to the map to me. I can see all the parts of Antarctica I would expect to see anyway. I wonder if this is a windows issue with the shapefile support? The only change I see is in the axis labels. Changing the range changes which values are labelled. I'll send you an image separately of with / without your changes so you can confirm if we are seeing the same thing.






On Thursday 26 Sep 2013 02:19:17 phil rosenberg wrote:

Hi Alan

Meant to drop this in to you some time back. A very minor patch to fix the x19 missing bit of antarctica on the global map. The problem was that the axes went beyond the -360 to +360 degrees that the map routines draw on since the shapefile changes. Changing these limits was all that was needed.


The patch covers C and C++. I was tempted to go through and make changes to the other bindings as it was so minor, but i don't have things set up to even compile them so I thought I had better not.