I am designing a platform which used PLplot in VC++ 2005. According to the commands provided in INSTALL.TXT in /plplot-5.6.1/sys/win32/msdev/, I run the 'nmke' and 'nmake plplib.mak' and got some errors,such as the following:
cl: Command line warning D9035: option 'GX' has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release
cl: Command line warning D9036: use 'EHsc' instead of 'GX'
..\..\..\..\tmp\win3.cpp<86>: error C2059: syntax error:'_declspec<dllexport>'
(som warnings)
..\..\..\..\tmp\win3.cpp<361>: error C2039: 'PlPlotWndProc' : is not member of 'global namespace'
...(and more errors about win3.cpp)
There are lots of errors and warnings that I beyond my imagination.I think the one of the reasons is that my version of vc++ is '2005', maybe the 'cl.exe' and other commands are different from vc 6.0. For some errors mentioned above, I have changed the option 'GX' into 'EHsc',but the remainder errors are still there.
I have created a project include all of the .c/c++ and .h file that generating 'plplib.lib' in vc++2005, and I cannot get the static library. One of the errors is that the line marked 'PLD_men' in file 'mem.c' is not compatible with the option '/clr'.so I turn off it and get 44 errors and above 300 warnings. I want to know that:
       1). Could Plplot generate 'plplib.lib/dll' in vc++ 2005?
       2). My platform is based on 'Windows Form Application' in vc++2005,and it is a kind of 'clr(common language runtime)' program. Should I use vc++ 6.0 to get 'plplib.lib' first, and link it in my application in vc++2005?
       3). If 1)and 2) is not feasible, what should I do ?
Thanks! Any advices will be apprecated.