i forgot to put that in.....i am running on a Debian Woody (XF86 4.1.0, glibc 2.2.5) machine and using using the plplot .debs from sourceforge: 5.2.0.cvs.20030403-1. my plplot driver is new tk

Joao Cardoso <jcard@fe.up.pt> wrote:
On Thursday 19 June 2003 20:07, Brandon Walters wrote:
| Hi all, i am very new to Plplot and so far i have been
| having good luck. i am working with a plplot piece of
| code that plots data on a pre-determined scale and
| window size. when ever i enlarge the window to say
| full screen, the plot stays its original size. is
| there any way i can chage this so that the plot also
| changes to full screen. does anyone have ideas on how
| to go about this or does this just entail calling ove
| or two functions? thanks


You have to give us more details about your environment: what is your
operating system? what plplot driver are you using? under what language? what
is the plplot version?

Without those details we can't help you.


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