Hi Alan
From memory it was the actual call to enable_language(D OPTIONAL) that caused the problem. I had wondered if I had reported a bug to Cmake, but I just checked and I hadn't.
Thorsten - if you have the debug message calls set up and it is easy for you to check if this is the same issue and if Alan can confirm that this isn't related to the Plplot CMake code then maybe you might want to report it

Regarding wxWidgets - unfortunately no my intention was not to volunteer to become the maintainer. I already have a backlog of Plplot things I want to deal with that I'm struggling to find time for. Adding a extra commitment just isn't possible for me.

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Subject: Re: [Plplot-devel] Wrong linker directives for Visual Studio 2010

On 2014-04-04 08:10-0700 phil rosenberg wrote:

> Hi Thorsten

> I remember finding some similar linker issue on my Windows system.
My memory is telling me it was a lower case l that was prepended, but
it might have been the same thing as you. I just tried to find my
posts to the list to confirm either way, but I can't find them. From
memory it seemed almost like a buffer overrun thing. I spent some time
adding debug output to try to find where it got appended and it was
related to checking for D, but I like you haven't got a D compiler.
Explicitly adding -DENABLE_d=OFF to my command line fixed the problem
for me.

Hi Phil:

Thanks for participating in this thread.

Our mails crossed, but now you have reminded me of this previous
thread my memory agrees with yours of what previously worked for you.
Thus, I agree -DENABLE_d=OFF will likely solve the issue for Thorsten.

(The proper fix for this is to modify our D language support so it
does not interfere on Windows, but language support is really tricky
so I am going to put that off indefinitely.)

Anticipating that Thorsten reports back that -DENABLE_d=OFF solves the
issue, then I will change our build system so that -DENABLE_d=OFF is
the default on Windows.  Also, in this case no further changes will be
needed for cmake/modules/FindwxWidgets.cmake.  That still leaves my
question to you concerning the status of getting our version of that
find module propagated upstream to CMake.

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